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More info about my academic background and interests.


I am a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. I work in the Computational Physics Group with Professor Krishna Garikipati and the Computational Vascular Biomechanics Laboratory with Professor Alberto Figueroa. My research interests are computational sciences and biomechanics.

I received my masters degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in August 2019. I worked in the Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory with Professor Mariana Kersh. My thesis was on the relationship between cortical bone strength and its micro-structure. More information on my work can be found here.

I also received my bachelors in Engineering Mechanics from UIUC in May 2017. My secondary field was Biomechatronics and I minored in Computational Science and Engineering. During my undergraduate studies I had the opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong and Uruguay one summer, participated heavily in the Society for Engineering Mechanics, and walked on to the UIUC Track and Field team as a pole vaulter.


Born in Los Angeles, raised in Dallas, educated in Urbana-Champaign, and now living in Ann Arbor, I love to travel and experience new things. I enjoy camping, climbing, soccer, photography, television, and video games.

My interests in photography and deep dives into topics related to my PhD can be found below.


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